MLB and Associates LLC was established in 1989 as an architecture firm by Michael L. Buster Sr.  After his death in 2009, the company was taken over by his daughter Anisa Swann, who reinstated the company to sell Decorative Apparel and provide Graphic Design Services in 2015,  With a keen eye for innovation, Tashone Buster joined the company in 2016 as the Co-Owner. 


After coming into the knowledge of the Truth, the Most High lead and guided us to create casual apparel that will clothe the nations with the birth of the brand JudahWearTM in 2017.  Michael L. Buster Jr. helps manage the decisions with the Company and the Brand JudahWearTM. This is a family business! Our main goal is to produce quality products etched in excellence with faith based bible scriptures embedded in designs.  

We have accepted the mission from the Most High and we will continue on the path to pioneer apparel geared toward clothing the Nations according to the doctrine of Christ.